Reduce Your Business Carbon Footprint

Despite the numerous risks and challenges that businesses face nowadays, there are also many opportunities presented by this changing environmental and social landscape.

We offer your organization clear and achievable environmental changes that will effectively decrease your carbon footprint, reduce operating costs, improve market position and increase awareness amongst all your stakeholders.

We conduct pre-studies in which we analyze and prioritize the risks and opportunities in your office spaces. Several organizational points are taken into consideration: waste management, energy and water consumption, food and beverage suppliers, etc.

Following the analysis phase, a customized solid environmental strategy can be implemented, helping leaders integrate sustainability into their business strategy and operations. 

Customized training, workshops and team building activities are offered to ensure your organization takes ownership of the new strategy and builds it into day-to-day operations.

Contact us and learn more about how you can make your office space a better place to work. 

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B Corp Certification

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We help companies navigate the B Corp certification process, and we adapt it to your needs.

Know your Suppliers. Measure your Impact

Consumers, governments and investors are becoming increasingly aware of environmental and social issues. In response, companies of all sizes across all industries are seeking to address their concerns by reconsidering their own supply chains. Learn more about how you can know your suppliers, measure your impact and implement sustainability in your supply chain.