About Our Services

At A Beautiful Green, we encourage businesses to integrate environmental practices into their strategy, and to follow them in this revolution.

We propose clear and achievable environmental changes to an organization, which will lead to great effect, reduction of operating costs and increase of awareness amongst employees.

A Beautiful Green helps your company embrace sustainability: engaging in a win-win situation where both the planet and the business benefits.

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Insight and Consultation

A pre-study is conducted where we will analyze and prioritize the current sustainability situation of your organization. Several organizational points will be taken into consideration, i.e. waste management; energy and water consumption etc.

Implementation Phase

A concrete environmental strategy will be put in place during this phase. We help leaders integrate sustainability into their business strategy and operations. We will together identify the opportunities that your company will have by implementing sustainable practices internally.

Long Term Activities

Tailored training is offered to organizations willing to encourage and increase the awareness amongst their staff. Consumers, stakeholders and investors are demanding more and more a responsible behavior from all types of businesses. It is crucial to rethink a business model and how they will implement positive changes within an organization.