About A Beautiful Green

A Beautiful Green is a consulting company in Luxembourg, founded by Cintia Procaci in 2017.

Sustainability Consultancy tailored for your Company.

Cintia has been working with sustainability since 2016, when she created and launched KidsMarket.lu, today the leading website in Luxembourg supporting a circular economy and focused solely on secondhand children’s items.

Following her sustainability work amongst parents in Luxembourg, Cintia decided to create A Beautiful Green in 2017: a sustainability consulting services company supporting businesses in Luxembourg understand and improve their environmental footprint.

Cintia obtained a Business Sustainability Management certificate in 2017 from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

In 2018 she became a B Leader, following a training programme allowing her to offer advice and guidance to companies thinking about, preparing for or going through the B Corp certification process.

She speaks at different events in Luxembourg on the topics of circular economy, sustainable parenting, and the impact companies have on the environment.

Cintia has also launched “Green Drinks Luxembourg”, an international initiative that encourages networking groups focusing on the environment to meet up regularly in Luxembourg.

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