International Recycling Day

Do you know how to recycle in Luxembourg?

March 18th is the day when many people celebrate International Recycling Day. It’s a great opportunity to think about our behaviour as citizens. 

Although recycling is very important for sustainable development, we should keep in mind that we first need to reduce our consumption and reuse as many objects as possible. Doing both leads to responsible consumption and reduces the amount of waste to be recycled. 

Unfortunately, recycling is not as good as we may think. Just take a moment to consider the lifecycle of recycled objects. Imagine the energy and resources consumed from the moment they’re picked up by recycling trucks until they’re processed into brand-new products. A lot is required to manage and recycle them. We therefore shouldn’t exclusively rely on recycling to solve our planet’s waste problems. 

What is more, every country has different ways of sorting and recycling its waste (if it does in fact recycle!). This can make it even more difficult for newcomers to a country. How does recycling work here in Luxembourg, for example? 

Biodegradable waste, residual waste, recyclable materials: you might think sorting your waste will be a complicated task and therefore take too much of your time, but it is actually quite easy! Here’s some information to help you sort your waste correctly in Luxembourg:

  • Luxembourg has a door-to-door waste collection service for recyclables (paper, glass, biodegradable packaging) and residual waste. Contact your commune to learn how they manage this service;
  • There is a separate container for biodegradable waste such as food and grass cuttings which are used to produce electricity and heat (these containers can be green or brown depending on the commune where you live);
  • There is a separate container for glass (these containers can be green or brown depending on the commune where you live); 
  • Blue containers are used for paper and cardboard; 
  • Blue PMC (Valorlux) bags are used for recyclable packaging. You have to collect the bags (free of charge) from your commune or from the recycling centre in Luxembourg (address below). It is important to sort your waste correctly, otherwise the trucks will not pick up your blue bags! 
  • Collection of bulky objects and garden waste is on demand either by phone or email. Contact your commune for more information.

The main recycling centre is located at Rue du Stade, L-1140 Luxembourg City. Check their website for more information and waste collection days: http://var/www/vhosts/

Contact your commune to find out the location of the closest recycling centre to your home. 

Here is a list of addresses in the city of Luxembourg where you will find public containers (for paper, batteries, clothes and glass): http://var/www/vhosts/

Here is a list of other locations all over the country where you can recycle certain types of waste. Have a look at their website: 

Click here for more information on how Luxembourg manages recycled waste. http://var/www/vhosts/ 

Remember, you can sell and buy your children’s items on http://var/www/vhosts/, a second-hand online market in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. 

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Reduce, Reduce, Recycle… and happy Recycling Day!