About A Beautiful Green

A Beautiful Green’s MISSION is to promote and make sustainable development a reality for Companies in Luxembourg.

A Beautiful Green was born to encourage businesses to integrate environmental practices to their strategy, and to follow them in this revolution.

We propose clear and achievable environmental changes to an organization, which will lead to great effect, reduction of operating costs and increase of awareness amongst employees.

A Beautiful Green helps your company embrace sustainability: engaging in a win-win situation where both the planet and the business benefits.

We are your partner for a concrete sustainability strategy.

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Blog Posts

The Take Away Coffee Habit

There’s been a lot of talk about fighting climate change over the past couple of years, about how governments and companies should change the world. But how can we, employees, help make it happen?  One extremely polluting habit people seem to have acquired in recent years is buying a coffee on the way to work,

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New Year, New Resolutions

Or should I say, New Year, old resolutions? I must admit I tend to repeat some resolutions every year as they often drop off my list before the summer has begun. But there is one very important resolution worth trying and sticking to: reducing food waste at home and at work.  According to the FAO1,

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